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We combine multiple modalities to give you the most advanced and effective Massage experience! 


  • We strive to keep our patients Healthy through this pandemic by maintaining the highest levels of safety procedures as mandated by the State Health Boards
  • Patients must wear a mask to enter the office - as mandated by the State Medical Board.
  • Patients cannot bring a companion to their appointments unless approved special circumstances.
  • Patients will wait in the parking lot until their scheduled appointment time before coming inside the building. Then wait in the hallway until they are brought into the space by their Practitioner.
  • Upon entry, Patients will have their temperature checked and will sanitize their hands.
  • Practitioners will wear masks at all times.  And face shields and gloves as needed.
  • The patient schedule has been modified so only 1 Practitioner is seeing patients at a time in the office.  And patient appointments will be spread out so no patients are overlapping.  Each treatment room will be thoroughly sanitized before it is used by another patient.  
  • Patients will either be rescheduled / make payments in the treatment room, or online.  Patients will not use the front desk or waiting room.  Our Waiting room is closed.
  • Patients can only use the bathroom located within our office (no longer the hall bathroom), a Practitioner will escort you back and forth to your treatment room.  Patients are required to wash hands thoroughly and also sanitize hands after using the bathroom.  Our office bathroom is cleaned and sanitized daily.  
  • Treatment rooms have been modified in accordance with requirements from the State Medical Board in the following ways:  all decorative items have been removed.  Sheets and blankets have been removed from Acupuncture Appointments.  Massage clients will still use sheets on the table and then be washed and sanitized after each use.  Treatment rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Patients will be escorted in and out of the office to minimize touching of any surfaces.  
  • We no longer allow patients to come to the office to pick up supplements without a scheduled appointment.  Please call or email if you need supplements and instructions for pick-up will be given.  




60 MIN MASSAGE: $90.00

(at this time we are not offering 90 min massage)